Signature Treatments

Callus Treatment / 250

Callus shoud not be removed abrasively by cutting off. It requires a treatement or it will grow back.

This service includes five signature pedi and professional callus services. The treatment entails softening services for calluses, toenails, and cuticles, dry  keratinized skin, hyperkeratosis and fissures/rhagades.

*This non-abrasive service is ideal for Diabetics.

​ ($15 discount)

Nail Strengthening Treatment / 200

This service includes the luxury five signature manis with a strengthening treatment to grow natural nails. This treatment is perfect to care for cancer patients’ brittle nails as a result of chemotherapy treatments. May also be used as a protective barrier for gel enhancements.


Nail Growth Treatment / 190

If you are a nail biter, this treatment is for you!

This service includes five color gel manicures and removals. The treatment of this service will aid in natural nail nourishment, strength, and growth. 

($10 discount)

Mani ~ Pedi Combo / 70

Gel Mani ~ Gel Pedi Combo / 95

Mommy & Me Mani / 48

Mommy & Me Pedi / 65

Tween Mani~Pedi / 45