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Servicing the Cancer Client

October is normally filled with pink balloons, pink candy, and even pink footballs in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. But once the balloons are deflated and the month is over, what's next for the cancer patient? At Mani's and Pedi's we acknowledge that clients with cancer need special attention when caring for their nails.Although the traditional ways to treat cancer destroy cancer cells, they also destroy healthy nail cells according to the American Cancer Society.

Our role is to keep our clients' nails healthy and comfortable. Below is a common nail condition associated with cancer treatments and should be treated and handled with care:

Beau's Lines- Beau’s lines often occur during chemotherapy and grow out in time.

Beau's Lines are identified by horizontal lines in the nail. The nail cells are affected by chemotherapy during the growth cycle, creating horizontal lines. There is no need to worry. These lines are not permanent and will grow out over time. As a result of this condition, nails are dry, brittle, and

crack easily. Cuticles are also left dry and uncomfortable.

Because this patient's nails are sensitive, precautions should be taken to avoid infection and inflammation. Oncology Spa Solutions recommend the following care for cancer patients:

  • Do not soak in water because of the potential introduction of bacteria. We suggest a dry manicure.

  • Keep nails clean and hydrated

  • Use lukewarm water to wash, pat dry, and apply pure oil like calendula, tamanu, grapeseed, sunflower, or a pure shea butter product.

  • Under no circumstances should you cut the cuticles. Clients with a low white blood cell count have a higher risk of infection, slower healing, and increased bleeding.

  • Keep nails short to avoid the breaking and cracking of dry nails.

  • Wear gloves for activities involving water or dirt to avoid bacteria and infection risk.

  • Do not apply acrylics or harsh nail products during this time when nails are already compromised.

  • Look for nail polishes and implements free of harmful chemicals and solutions.

Source: www.oncologyspasolutions.com