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5 Polish Options Every Girl Needs

If you've ever visited our salon, then you know we love our nail polish. We love our polish options!

A girl can't ever have too much..Right?

With 100+ options at Mani's & Pedi's, how does a girl choose? We're here to help out. Check out our top 5 polish colors every girl should own:

5. Blue

Yes! You read it right! Blue is the color of truth and good communication. Wear it when you are having trouble expressing yourself, or when giving an oral presentation!

There are so many different shades of blue. Match the ocean, sky, or American Flag!

4. Black

Our #4 pick goes to Black! Black is a great color for anyone. It makes you feel powerful, but in a secretive and protective way. Wear it when you feel you need to protect your boundaries. Don't be afraid. Try it! You might like it!

3. Pink

Every girl loves pink! Right?! Pink will help you feel more calm and put you in a loving mood. Wear it to help you connect with people, nurture friendships, and self esteem.

2. Nude

This one was a toss up with #1. Nude is classic and classy. It's just simply beautiful. This color goes with any skin tone and completion. It's a perfect color choice for any season, complements any color and outfit, and perfect for any occasion. Perfect for a first date! When in doubt, go nude!

Everyone's Nude is Different!

1. Red

Our #1 choice is Red! Red makes you feel like a woman! This color gets you revved up! Wear it to feel more powerful, or when you're feeling down and need to be more assertive. This color turns heads. With so many red polish options, there is surely one for everyone!

Ultimately, what's most important is that you are confident in the color you choose. Pick what fits your personality. Be your own brand. Be your own kind of beautiful! Be You!

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