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The Lurking Dangers of Whirlpool Foot Baths

Wonder why we don't have the nice massaging pedicure chairs?

Whirlpool spa foot baths have health risks that you should know about:

Did you know that whirlpool foot baths can be a breeding ground for a microbacterium that causes boils on the legs?

In 2001, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued strict guidelines against whirlpool foot baths. If the jets are cleaned insufficiently after each service, serious skin infections can develop. There are many documented cases of foot and leg infections caused by treatments in a spa chair foot bath. Majority of the salons are not cleaning their

pedicure bowls sufficiently. Whirlpool foot baths with jets should be flushed continuously for at least 10 minutes with an EPA registered disinfectant between each client to kill the microorganisms that live inside of the jets. In addition, there should be regular cleaning and disinfecting of jets and pipes at the close of each day. For salons who are volume driven, this is a very difficult task. Many salons use liners for their bowls; however, the liners do not defend against what is trapped within the jets. The screens and tubes of foot spas are particularly good places for the bacteria to collect and grow, often forming dense layers of cells and proteins called biofilms, which can be very hard to remove.

We believe your health and safety should come first. At Mani's & Pedi's we take the extra step to ensure your safety. Our pedicure basins are the only ceramic vessel-style spa pedicure bowls on the market! The non-porous sealed surface prevents bacteria from penetrating, making it sanitary. It is a sustainable green produce made of recycled and all natural materials with a coating that has no VOC's, so it is toxin free! We disinfect our bowls after each and every client with a hospital-grade disinfectant.

Protect your skin!

  • Microorganisms in foot spas can enter through the skin, so broken skin (e.g., cuts and abrasions) should not come into contact with foot spa water.

  • Do not shave, use hair removal creams or wax your legs during the 24 hours before receiving treatment in a foot spa.

  • Do not use a foot spa if your skin has any open wounds such as bug bites, bruises, scratches, cuts, scabs, poison ivy, etc.

  • Ask salon workers how the foot spas are maintained and how often.

  • A foot spa should be disinfected between each customer, and nightly. The disinfectant needs to work for the full time listed on its label, typically 10 minutes, depending on the type of disinfectant.

  • Proper cleaning and disinfection can greatly reduce the risk of getting an infection by reducing the bacteria that can build up in the foot spa system (jets).

Do not use the foot spa if you are not sure it is disinfected and safe to use.

Please watch this short video on how to properly clean a pedicure foot bath according to health department standards. If you do not witness these step after each client, your health is at risk.


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