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No Nail Polish Remover? No Problem!

Have you ever reached down to remove your nail polish that's been hanging on for months, only to find out that you have no nail polish remover? Or better yet, you never buy it? Well, join the club. Did you know most individuals have a huge polish collection but no nail polish remover? Is it the smell of it that keeps us away? Or are you traveling on summer vacation and need a quick fix?

We have some common household items that are sure to remove your stubborn polish. Try these simple remedies for a quick solution:

Lemon Juice & Vinegar (Who would have thought?)

Yes! Vinegar! The same household agent used for common cleaning. Vinegar is non-toxic and is perfect for gently removing polish. What's the rationale? Well, nail polish responds well to acids and lemon juice + vinegar is one acidic combo.

Nail Polish (Huh?)

Yes, you read right. Nail Polish! Just apply a coat of nail polish on top of the old polish, and use a cotton swab or a paper towel to wipe the entire nail. Any shade will do, but clear polish works best. Plus, we wouldn't suggest using your favorite shade only to wipe it off.

Hair Spray

So we're learning that hairspray is great for so many things. Not only is it great for adding the special touch to your hair, or for rips in your pantyhose, but it may also

be used for nails! Saturate a cotton swab with hairspray and apply directly to your nail – just like that!

Hydrogen Peroxide & H2O (Water)

This is one item every house should have...a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. If you don't, be sure to pick up a bottle on your next Target run! Dilute the hydrogen peroxide in a 2 to 1 ratio with hot water and soak your hands in it to start. Then, massage off the polish using your fingers and a cotton swab.

AND....YOU'RE WELCOME! Simple at-home solutions for removing nail polish!

Source: Nail Style

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