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Are You at Risk? The Truth Behind the UV Light

We all love them. They last long. They're shiny. They're light-weight. They're Gel Nails!

We are all fascinated by the convenience of gel nails. It's the best of both worlds: Beautiful Nail Polish + Instant Drying. Who wouldn't love it?

In order to get the instant gratification of dry nails, Gel Nails require the use of an LED or UV light. Some have questioned the Ultraviolet (UV) light, with fears of developing cancer from its use. We have the facts on these ultraviolet rays.

Fact #1

Although there is a small risk of melanoma over prolonged exposure to an UV light, you face a similar risk on a daily basis when exposing your hands to the sun.

Many refer to the UV light as the tanning bed for nails. However, unlike indoor tanning, which requires you to “bake” in the bed for about 30 minutes, your nails are not sitting under the light for longer than 30-60 seconds at a time. Your hands face more cancer risk when driving in a car without sunscreen and/or driving gloves. In addition, our salon uses an LED light. The LED light is more eco-friendly and reduces the curing time required for services. As a result, your hands are less exposed to the light.

Fact #2

You are always additional ways to protect your hands: Simply apply sunscreen.

It may sound a bit tedious, but this simple step can help reduce your chances of melanoma. This simple tip is good for daily use. Remember, your hands are more exposed to the sun daily driving your car.

Relax ladies! Enjoy this new invention. It's here to stick around for a while.

Article Source: Nail Style